Welcome to SciΒlogs

SciBlogs is a blog community made from scientists to scientists! Create your own blog for free, using the power of Wordpress along with numerous themes and plugins, carefully selected for science-blogging. Share your ideas, interact with other users, participate in groups, work on common documents and more!


What is SciBlogs? That’s a hard question. A simple answer would be that we are “yet another blog provider”, but this does not cover everything. SciBlogs is a community of blogs whose common link is… science! We love bloging and new technologies which we believe they already have an essential role in our web-life as we move forward from web to web 2.0 and, eventually at some point, to web 3.0 era.

Our goal is two-folded: first, we want to give you –the young (or not-so-young) scientist, the teacher, the student or the amateur-but-passionate person– the opportunity to express yourself and write your opinions on your favourite science , present some news or promote yourself and your organization. Second, we aim to create and expand a blog community of science blogs, and thus creating a fresh reference point for this type of content.

We want to make your bloging experience as good as it gets, that’s why we provide a variety of tools especially selected for people writing on scientific issues (e.g. you can create reference lists, mathematical formulas, a full bibliography list, insert graphs, code etc). All these, in combination with our WordPress environment, guarantee that once you join us, you’ll stick with us!

Last, but not least, our motto is “ quality, not quantity “. We would prefer a few but awesome science blogs, than hundreds of irrelevant ones. That’s why we keep our community clean of irrelevant blogs (adult content, personal blogs, art blogs etc).

So, yes… This is SciBlogs: a community-based, science-oriented, blog provider from scientists to scientists!

Happy Blogging!