Welcome to SciΒlogs

SciBlogs is a blog community made from scientists to scientists! Create your own blog for free, using the power of Wordpress along with numerous themes and plugins, carefully selected for science-blogging. Share your ideas, interact with other users, participate in groups, work on common documents and more!

Why SciBlogs?

SciBlogs is a blog hosting service created by scientists, for scientists. That means we know the challenges you are facing and the tools you really need if you plan to blog about science. You need more specific reasons to join us? OK! Here we go…

1. We give you the best features

  • We use WordPress MU , which means you will write your posts using the extremely user-friendly WordPress environment.
  • We give you 500MB ( Free Pack ) – 2 GB ( Pro Pack ) of free space to upload documents, images and audio files.
  • Unique domain name : mydomain .sciblogs.net. It’s easy to remember and perfect for professionals!
  • You can choose among dozens of unique themes . We host different styles of themes, from minimal and classic to magazine-like . You can even upload your own theme , making it available only to you ( Pro Pack )!
  • Our blogs come with a variety of plugins . With these plugins you can enhance the text editor, create mathematical equations and graphs, embed flash videos and audios with ease, let your readers rate your posts, allow anyone to send your posts and pages via email, use footnotes, manage quotes, create bibliography and more! Our plugins are constantly increasing in number every day.
  • You can use almost any external widget you like (Java or Flash).
  • You can run your own advertisements on your blog easily (manual ads system or Google Adsense)
  • You can invite as many users as you like to write on your blog. You have the full control!
  • Reliable build-in statistics for each post. If that’s not enough, you can use Google Analytics as well ( Pro Pack ).
  • Each blog is SEO optimized. You can change the general SEO settings from your Control Panel or use individual SEO settings for each post/page.

2. We host only science blogs

  • We host blogs related to science . We keep our service clean of blogs with irrelevant content (e.g. sex, sports, personal blogs, poetry, photoblogs etc). This way our visitors know what they are going to find in here. That means we create a target audience for you!
  • Because of the nature of our audience, SciBlogs is the best way to promote your work to the public. You can even create a short-living blog (e.g. for en event) .

3. We are a community

  • SciBlogs is more than just a blog hosting provider. Using our platform you can share links, photos, videos and ideas easily .
  • We make it easy to interact with the rest of the users . You can send PM’s, make friends, like content, add something in your favorites list , create thematic groups and even share your documents with the rest of your group.
  • Our community is a good way to promote your work and announce anything to the public (e.g. a new hiring position, an open call for subjects for your next experiment, an invitation to the next even hosted by your institution etc).
  • Remember: the users of our community (both visitors and members) know why they are here: because they love science! Again, this is a target audience for you!

4. Safety

  • Your data is as valuable to us, as it is to you. You can export your blog’s content anytime you want, while by using the WP function for scheduled backups you can be sure your data will always be safe. Moreover, we can send you a full copy of the MySQL database of your blog .
  • We guarantee to send you all the files you have uploaded on our server any time you want!
  • We keep backups on a weekly basis , so the chances to accidentally delete your data is getting even smaller. When we talk about safety, we mean it!

5. Privacy

  • You can choose to make your blog visible only to you , your friends all to the whole world .
  • You can stop bots (e.g. search engines) from scanning your website with a couple of clicks.
  • Although we encourage our users to use their real names, the only required information to join SciBlogs is a nickname and an e-mail address.

6. We are always here to help

  • At least one of the administrators will always be available to help you . As soon as we receive your SOS signal, we will try to reply or fix the problem as soon as possible.