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0:43 in Plugins by Dimitris Agorastos

(By Hassan Jahangiry | Visit plugin site )

Custom CSS is a plugin that helps bloggers to change their theme style securely. Give a twist of your personality and imagination to your blog.

  • Configuration/CSS Editor: Appearance >Custom CSS

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0:34 in Plugins by Dimitris Agorastos


By Denzel Chia | Phire Design | Visit plugin site

Replaces login/logout/register page. You can choose your own logo, background, CSS, footer, title etc

  • To configure CLP go to Settings>Custom Login Page

23:50 in Plugins by Dimitris Agorastos

(By DKameleon | Visit plugin site )

This plugin adds MCE toolbar button and allows you to upload files to DepositFiles filehosting. Each file can be up to 2GB. Once you the file is uploaded you get a download link to share with your audience.

  • After activation, you will find a deposit uploader button on top of your text editor.

21:01 in Plugins by Dimitris Agorastos

(By Paul Bain | Visit plugin site )

Plugin to easliy place YouTube and Google Videos objects in WordPress Content.

  • To configure the default look of YouTube videos, go to Settings>EasyTube
  • To post a video use the following tags: [youtube:URL WIDTH HEIGHT] or [googlevideo:URL WIDTH HEIGHT]

20:24 in Plugins by Dimitris Agorastos

(By | Visit plugin site )

Add the facebook like button for your blog. Change the button layout, use XFBML or iFrame and much more just in one plugin. Multiple language support.

  • Configure the plugin by going to FaceBook Like tab
  • It is possible to get a “header error” after saving your settings. Just reload the page and you should be fine.

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18:00 in Plugins by Dimitris Agorastos

(By loane | Visit plugin site )

Choose a favicon to make your site eye-catching and easily recognizable by visitors. You can select a pre-installed icon from our collection, select/upload your own or even use your favicon!

  • After installation go to Settings>Favicons to configure Favicons
  • To upload your own icon go to Media>Add New , select your .ico file and click upload. Then copy the full url of the file, go back to Favicons configuration page, select the second option (“Use your own icon”) and paste the url of your file.

14:06 in Plugins by Dimitris Agorastos

(By loane | Visit plugin site )

Let your visitors make your site popular by sharing your pages thanks to colorfull and attractive social buttons. Some features: choose beetween 3 button styles, hide some buttons, open social bookmarks links in a new or in the same window, you can show buttons in horizontal or vertical axe.

  • Configuration page: Settings>Fixed Social Buttons

Pro Pack )

16:12 in Plugins by T33

(By Joost de Valk | Visit plugin site )

This plugin makes it simple to add Google Analytics with extra search engines and automatic clickout and download tracking to your blog. Extremely easy configuration with optional advanced options.

  • Configuration page: Settings>Google Analytics for WordPress

13:52 in Plugins by T33

(By Brock Angelo | Visit plugin site )

Allows tyou to create and insert a Google Chart in posts and pages. Extremely easy to use.

  • To create a new chart simply go to Settings>Google Chart Generator
  • Insert your values, configure the look of your chart and click “Update Chart”.  Then just copy the code and paste it to your post/page.

Pro Pack )

11:20 in Plugins by Dimitris Agorastos

(By IntenseDebate & Automattic | Visit plugin site )

IntenseDebate Comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website. Full comment and account data sync between IntenseDebate and SciBlogs ensures that you will always have your comments. Custom integration with your admin panel makes moderation a piece of cake. Comment threading, reply-by-email, user accounts and reputations, comment voting, along with Twitter and friendfeed integrations enrich your readers’ experience and make more of the internet aware of your blog and comments which drives traffic to you!

  • You need an IntenseDebate account before using this plugin
  • Configuration page can be found at: Settings>IntenseDebate Settings