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Arras Theme

23:54 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( Theme homepage | by Melvin Lee )

Magazine-styled theme with tons of features. Ready for alternate styles.

Includes featured posts slideshow, different post layouts, multi-tabbed sidebar, custom single meta fields for reviews and many other customisable features.

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- No SciBlogs ads after each post.

23:53 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( Theme Homepage | by Ahmad Raflis )

A great magazine-like theme with a minimal touch. Great for those who love simplicity, but they need a magazine theme for their blog. Art-Magazine comes with an options page where you can change your logo, specify your “featured” category and customize your slideshow.

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18:52 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( Theme Homepage | by Chrishappens )

Blog Happens is a clear, simple 2 column theme with Post Thumbnail, Custom Colors, Custom Background and Theme Options which include change of the background image and custom font colors. Perfect for project presentation!

Pro Pack
- No SciBlogs ads
- Build-in custom CSS options

13:51 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( | by Scott Allan Wallick )

Blog.txt is a minimal typography theme that uses absolutely no images, just pure text. If you love your content and you want your visitors focus on your text this is a good option for you. Blog.txt comes with a built-in options page where you can choose your preferred fonts and sizes and change the number and locations of your sidebars (one or two sidebars).

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- No SciBlogs ads

23:50 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( Theme Homepage | by WP-Theme Designer )

Capture a lasting first impression with this simple yet sleek theme design. Capture 2 is a simple magazine-like theme designed for those who want to emphasize both on images and text. It supports widget and shows up your featured posts.

Basic Instructions

To show your latest featured posts you must add them under a category named featured . If you want to add an image to accompany your featured posts you  must add a custom field in each featured post (edit a post, go to “Custom Fields” tab and click “Add New”). Name this field big_thumb and add the url of the thumbnail image as a value. For example http://myblog.sciblogs.net/files/2010/06/thumb1.jpg.

23:49 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( Theme Homepage | by Kailoon & Zaki )

CryBook is a 3 Column simple theme based on Facebook layout. It contains 2 widget-ready sidebars, live theme swistcher and Custom Admin Panel. This is a very simple theme. This theme uses absolutely no images at all. Your visitors can choose between 5 different colors schemes, it supports threaded comments and it comes with a built-in a FeedCounter in text format.

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10:34 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( Theme Homepage | by Top Blog Formula )

This minimalistic, yet clean & professional theme is highly SEO optimized and fully customizable design with 3 completely different skins. Theme options include custom header, footer and background images, logo uploader, custom home page content, social networking integration and more. Homepage supports slideshow for featured posts.


9:53 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( Theme Homepage | by Digital Nature )

Light and clean theme with built-in customization options. Users can change their feel and look of their theme (colors, sidebar position, use custom CSS, change header images and more).


20:38 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( | by Dannci )

A clean, magazine-like, two-columns theme, in red-black-white colors. It’s very easy to use, since the options page has only two basic options: select the featured category and the featured video (if any). This theme uses the default options of the latest WordPress editions  in order to show the featured images for each post.

19:48 in Themes by Dimitris Agorastos

( Theme Homepage | by Andrea Mingolo )

Hanami is a two-column widget-ready theme. Simple and clean, the purpose of the design is to display content in clear and concise manner.

In addition to a clean and simple design, Hanami also features:

  1. Support for child-pages, displayed as sub-navigation
  2. A widget-enabled sidebar
  3. Front page styling for sticky posts
  4. Special formatting, such as drop-caps and image captions
  5. Author comment highlighting
  6. Threaded comments

Basic Instructions

Drop-caps are used to make the first letter of a post larger than the rest of the body copy. To use drop-caps, place a span around the first letter of a post, like so:

<span>O</span>nce upon a time...

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