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"The JRC is currently organising open competitions to recruit new scientific/technical staff in the following fields (click on each field to display detailed information on positions per Institute): * Chemistry, Biology and Health Sciences * Physics * Structural Mechanics * [...]" ·


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About Me Alexios is co-founder and administrator of SciBlogs. He finished his B.Sc. in Material Science at University of Crete in 2009 and currently he is following M.Sc Managment of Technology course at TUDelft. He is especially interested in nanotechnology, smart surfaces materials science and technology, innovation, photonics, biomimicry, sustainability and he has worked as a research associate at Institute of Electronic Structure and Lasers – FORTH in Greece. He has his blog on sciblogs called Nanotechnology which is related about his thoughts and ideas about the nanotechnology area.
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April 14, 1985